Getting Feng shui’d – Part 1: The Concept

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Does your environment feed your soul? As spiritual person I have always loved the concept of Feng shui. My Mama loaded my books shelves with Feng shui how-to’s; however, these books often left me confused or were left unread, as there are many varieties and degrees of Feng shui.

The different traditional and western styles of Feng shui can send a slightly different message and arrive at their guides in slightly different ways. I’ve taken a lot of the western principals with me and have incorporated it into my everyday work. While I’m no expert, I’ve had some major takeaways from the whole concept of Feng shui – some of which I strictly follow, and some which I’ve reasoned myself out of.

Here are a few basics Feng shui do’s and don’ts:


  1. DON’T hang a mirror facing the front door. It is believed that having a mirror within five feet, facing the front door, will cause your Chi energy, happiness and wealth to bounce right back out the door.

  2. DO hang a mirror where you can either add light or bring in views of nature from the outdoors. For example, a mirror in a dark space will allow light to reflect off it, drawing energy towards it, causing that energy to circulate through the space


  1. DON’T place your bed in line with the door and, if possible, your bed should also not be on the same wall at the door.

  2. DO place your bed with a strong supporting wall behind it, ideally an exterior wall. This creates a strong and protective energy.

Water Fixtures

  1. DON’T put off repairs. Avoid having a leaky faucet or toilet. It is believed if the plumbing is on the fritz then it will reflect on you. This will leave you with a feeling of fatigue and could start seeing financial problems.

  2. DO Keep toilet seats down and drains closed when not in use. It is believed that toilets and sinks can suck chi energy down the drain and that toxic energy can re-enter the bathroom if the drains are not closed.

I’m excited for my next step, which is getting a Feng shui expert in my home. Stay tuned for part 2 of Getting Feng shui’d: the execution!



Molly Pidgeon