Husband Battles: Part 2 - The Trees

Yes, it’s true, I am a proud tree hugger. Part hippie, part city. My husband, Keith, on the other hand, is all city and all gear. If you give the man a lift (the machine, not the ride share) or really any type of heavy machinery, he’s a happy camper.


Unfortunately, living so close to a city, most trees are non-existent. Since 2015 all Keith has wanted to do is remove the trees along the left side of our property, which would allow for us to install a concrete block wall, shading our house from sun damage. If it were simply and only up to me, we would have saved the trees, allowing me to get a glimpse of the forest right in my backyard. Yet, just another battle that I lost.

In hindsight, my trees were probably some of the saddest trees I have ever seen, and the truth is trees can be dangerous if they are hollow. I named one of the trees Q-Tip, as it was hollow, a straight shot pine, great for planks. Q-Tip has no branches but has a nice tip a top the 60’ stalk. My advice, look closely at your trees – if they should be named Q-tip, showing hollow bores fit for an owl, or leaves amongst other thriving branches, your tree is probably getting eaten from the inside out. Chances are these guys should probably go back to the ground, as sad as that makes me.

So, Keith not only won our battle of the trees, but he then got to bask in all his glory and personally remove them using his big machines. For me, I’m just trying to figure out how to repurpose all the stump. Keith has already cut chargers for a neighbor’s wedding. The holiday decorating ideas are endless. What should be next? Charred Lucite Furniture – Do I dare?

From high-end to Etsy below are some of my favorite furniture finds for you fellow tree lovers. 

End Tables: 

Charger Plates:



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