Our Process

Have you done a renovation before? We want to hear about all your contractor and construction experiences before we start. It’s important to and for us to understand your experiences and preconceived notions prior to engaging in your project. Construction is a process and it takes constant involvement and communication especially if your living on the premise. Hiring the right team to build your vision is the first step to the success of your project.


What You Can Expect

We schedule an initial visit to the premise to review construction documents, inspect the landscape of the job site, and learn what you want to accomplish with the project.

If you have an architect or other design consultants involved having them attend this meeting for an overview of the specifics is key. As a construction manager we will act on your behalf to inspect work, verify quality and approve payment disbursements to contractors. With our Design Build Construction Management services this is built into the estimate we would provide. As an owners Representative overseeing construction this a separate service. We do not provide construction management services independent of Design services. However we will provide design services and independently of construction services.

Depending on the delivery method you can expect several site visits by subcontractors to review the scope and existing systems to get qualified pricing as well as insure all construction documents align with the existing conditions of the project. It’s important to keep in mind that each trade has their own expertise and it’s important to rely on the knowledge of the team when reviewing and pricing a project.