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Our Top 9

With each New Year there comes a new buzz of design trends that are expected to be a big hit. Here are the #top9 design trends we are expecting to see a lot of in 2018:

Prints and Floral

1. Prints and Floral ~ photo via @etsy

Keep it simple by framing a series of floral prints to hang in place of artwork or go big by doing a whole accent wall in floral wallpaper.

Dine in Kitchens

2. Dine in Kitchens ~ photo via @sheerluxe

Kitchens are now the centerpiece of home, not just a place to prepare meals. Homeowners are not just looking for a functional kitchen anymore; they are looking to design a space with a creative flair where more time is being spent. It comes as no surprise that kitchens and dining rooms are becoming one.

3. Monochrome palettes

3. Monochrome palettes ~ photo via @neptunehomeofficial

Monochrome is a new way to make a big statement with color. Stick with solids or incorporate prints and patterns, the options are endless!

4. Tactile

4. Tactile ~ photo via @modernrugs

It is said that paying closer attention to pleasing our different senses when we are designing a space makes the space a more enjoyable and stimulating environment!

5. Floor Lamps

5. Floor Lamps ~ photo via USONA

Lighting is hands down one of the most important features in every room. The right floor lamp can become a focal point in your design especially with all the amazing options out there!

6. Counter & Backsplash transitions

6. Counter & Backsplash transitions ~ photo via @atlantahomesmag

Break the status-quo and take that marble backsplash to new heights. These counter and backsplash transitions show off the true beauty of a stunning slab of marble by covering more surface area!

7. Vintage Rugs

7. Vintage Rugs ~ photo via @pinterest

Lively patterns, vivid colors and items with a story are IN and vintage rugs cover all three bases!

FullSizeRender (8).jpg

9. Organization ~ photo via @white_wood_kitchens

Getting creative with organization is a MUST, especially with the heightening demand for open shelving, which sacrifices storage space.

8. Trough Style Sinks

8. Trough Style Sinks ~ photo via @saraparsons

They maximize minimal space and are oh so very chic!

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Molly Pidgeon