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There is beauty in the story

  There is beauty in the story behind something antique, an item that was once someone else’s, that holds memories of years past. Even if you don’t know where it came from, I’ve always believed that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, which especially rings true in the world of design.

A few weeks ago I walked four blocks to my house with a box full of chic salvaged finds. A marble rolling pin, a marble cheese board, 70’s salad dressing containers and some clear white baking dishes (my fav!!). These are the types of items that are the small details I love to add to a space that, in my option, make a huge difference. What I like to call an interior designers dream come true!

I love the whole creative process of turning something tattered into something beautiful. It enables creativity and helps me breathe new life into worn and weathered items. Some people see trash, but I see potential! I can spend hours in my backyard sanding down and painting vintage pieces of furniture, making them functional and one-of-a-kind. One of my favorite transformations to date is this unique farmer’s hutch. When I picked it up it was run down and dismantled, but with some sanding, new hinges, a fresh coat of paint, and some love, the result was perfect. Now the hutch has endless amounts of storage for root vegetables, dog food, and oversized plates/pots and just so happened to be the perfect fit in one of our kitchen remodels!

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The quality and story behind a piece crafted of hardwood cannot be compared to or replaced by particle board and composites.

When I came across an article the other day on Apartment Therapy entitled “Sorry, Parents: Nobody Wants the Family ‘Heirlooms,’” I, honestly, was shocked. I might be the exception, but I think millennials want family heirlooms and we want them to mean something! It is a common misconception that the younger generations want nothing to do with heirlooms, because they’re considered “hand-me downs.” The truth is, young people are more creative than ever before, being heavily influenced by social media, Pinterest, DIYs, blogs and the current trends, inspiring them to have their spaces become a reflection of them. These different platforms are teaching them how they can quickly achieve a style that is entirely theirs at a cost-effective price while adding meaning and history to their home.

If you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, and can see the value in something that’s been around for generations, there’s a little bit of a salvage designer in all of us.

Molly Pidgeon